French Club & French National Honor Society

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The purpose of French Club is to promote the language and cultures of French-speaking countries. The French Club chooses at least one charitable project to complete, such as sponsoring foster children at Christmas or providing disaster relief to organizations such as Doctors Without Borders.
French National Honor Society:
The French National Honor Society is open to students who have completed two levels of high school French. The student must have an "A" average for all French classes, and an overall "B" average in their other classes. Students must submit an application form to Mrs. Hearn for approval. The FNHS meets once a year in April or May for it's induction ceremony. Seniors who belong to the FNHS have the privilege of wearing a white honor cord with their graduation regalia. 
  • $10
Meeting Dates:
  • September 17, 2014
  • October 29, 2014
  • January 14, 2015
  • April 8, 2015
  • Room 71